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Guidance on duration of homework

  • 1 hour per week for English, Maths, Science
  • 40 mins for Spanish, History and Geography
  • 30 mins for Art, Technology, Food, Computer Science, RE, PSHCE, Music and Drama
  • Reading at home 3x per week

Handing work in

  • Core subjects, Spanish, History and Geography: submit next lesson.
  • All other subjects: consider content to allow for books to be handed in and marked alternate weeks e.g. research / presentation preparation/ learning for test.

Other notes

  • To be completed in classwork books. Title ‘Homework’. Books to go home.
  • Weekly homework as per Learning Plan.
  • Break down projects into weekly sections on Learning Plan to provide structure to the project.
  • All homework recorded in planner.
  • All homework to be marked and returned promptly.

Homework Timetable

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