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Pupils will be set one lessons worth of work, via Google Classroom, for each day they are remote learning. This work can be found on the ‘Year Group information Google Classroom page  – the codes are as follows

Year 11 Remote Learning Codes:

Subject Code
Art 10A/Ar1 eekkbst
Art 10C/Ar1 eekkbst
Business 10A/BS1 ansvgl7
Business 10A/BS2 ag7ypc6
Business 10B/BS1 a6g6la5
Business 10C/BS1 cnqfrf6
Business 10D/BS1 sy44f42
Computer Science 10A/Cs1 scqgohu
Creative iMedia 10A/iM1 upsryzn
Creative iMedia 10C/iM nlesktz
Creative iMedia 10D/iM1 pbbcid2
Design & Technology 11D/TE1 3jrdnjh
Design & Technology 11D/TE2 7nuluxv
Design & Technology 11C/TE1 ax6gebs
English 11D1 j6yy7vj
English 11D2 ahg53yw
English 11D3 coppjvy
English 11D4 qowrylj
English 11D5 eqxlcwm
English 11T1 bbepmgr
English 11T2 hx3qm3f
English 11T3 ixnbipz
English 11T4 a7widfh
English 11T5 vmkeg3d
French 10 Fr1 zsgbozl
Geography 10BGe3 76mcnoi
Geography 11DGe1 azogkzu
Geography 11BGe2 otuscgt
Geography 11CGe2 4jhik3g
Geography 11DGe2 ttbvzym
Geography 11CGe1 32q6ol5
Geography 11BGe1 32q6ol5
History 11BHi1 7xal4u5
History 11CHi1 bx6p6is
History 11DHi1 5rlv6db
Maths 11D1 frgdr2f
Maths 11D2 xjlsvir
Maths 11D3 wbmylq7
Maths 11D4 qyagotn
Maths 11D5 x42l2le
Maths 11T1 r6eaiu7
Maths 11T2 hg4hl6p
Maths 11T3 ycqwi3a
Maths 11T4 cm4xmhn
Maths 11T5 hnnxr6y
Music 11B/Tm1 k2khrh4
Performing Arts 10A/Pa1 py7tmzw
Music k2khrh4
Science 10D1Bio ioday7c
Science 10D1Chem scu3ybr
Science 10D1Phys ebgcy2f
Science 10D2 q5w4bnf
Science 10D3 kwpco7l
Science 10D4 leslkog
Science 10D5 goylkc5
Science 10T1 l2spbkd
Science 10T2 dvzjrdd
Science 10T3 tkqtofo
Science 10T4 jdhkml6
Science 10T5 l56wcjq
Social Science 10t/RE1 (HAY) 7h57pkr
Social Science 10T2 (PHB) weh5hfu
Social Science 10T3 (NAA) TBC join 10T2 (PHB) until further notice
Social Science 10T4 (BEB/ABH) i3zkjy3
Social Science 10T/Sc1 (EDR) TBC join 10D/Re2 (PHB) until further notice
Social Science 10D1 (NAA) wth3nv4
Social Science 10D/RE2 (HAY) ezkopcw
Social Science 10D3 (PHB) wq5li67
Social Science 10D4 (MAS) btpklm2
Social Science 10D5 (STM/DOF) TBC join 10D/Re2 (PHB) until further notice
Spanish 10B1 bgkiivx
Spanish 10B2 bq2l6zv
Spanish 10C1 5ep32ig
Spanish 10D1 ptdikn3
Sports Studies 10B/Ss1 b7zjtol
Sports Studies 10C/Ss1 b7zjtol
Sports Studies 10C/Ss2 b7zjtol
Sports Studies 10D/Ss1 b7zjtol
Study Support/Step up 10B1 6am4olj
Study Support/Step up 10C1 wobanjk
Study Support/Step up 10D1 2zhgf2x
Hospitality & Catering 11B lbntaj6
Hospitality & Catering 11A ww2nd3b
RE 10A/RE1 ngv5wkp
Child Development 11A/CD1 it53xgn
Child Development 11A/CD2 tdqbhpy

For the rest of the day you should complete each lesson on your regular timetable by logging onto your Google Classroom for that class and completing the assignment for the day. The assignment will either be a PowerPoint for you to watch, with tasks to complete and submit, OR a live lesson for you to log onto via the link in the instructions.

How to see your work at a glance:

When you log onto Google Classroom, you can select ‘Calendar’ at the top:

You will then have easy access to all of your work for the day, and for the week:

On each day, any work for periods 1,2 and 3 should be completed by the deadline of 3pm. For periods 4,5,6 all work should be completed by the deadline of 9pm (this allows you some flexibility).

On your calendar, you will know whether a lesson will be delivered ‘live’ via a Google Meet link because the Assignment title will be ‘LIVE’ and there will be a Google Meet link in the instructions.

If you have any questions, please ask them on your Form Group Google Classrooms. Your form tutors will be logging on each day and you will be able to interact via this.

How we will be informing parents/carers of pupils’ progress?

Teachers and support staff will be monitoring completion of work after each lesson and the next working day, we will be in touch via text or telephone call to update you.

We thank you for your continued support in ensuring all pupils continue to make progress under these challenging circumstances.

Additional Guidance : Accessing Google Classroom:

Google Classroom can be accessed by searching for ‘Google Classroom’ on a web browser and the pupils will be prompted to input their school username.
( and school password. All pupils should already know this information.

All subjects will be uploading lessons and work onto a Google Classroom for their subjects. There will be an individual Google Classroom for each subject and your child will need to access these. A reminder of the individual classroom codes can be found above.

Summer 2022 Exams ‘Advanced Information’ for Year 11 Pupils, Parents and Carers – Summer 2022 GCSE Exam Board Advanced Information – The Dean Trust

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