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Year 7 Google Classroom Codes

Subject Code
Geography 7T1 ebm6rak
Geography 7T2 op37c3x
Geography 7T3 op37c3x
Geography 7T4 rx7tzli
Geography 7T5 6a5imfm
Geography 7D1 6zkdiwv
Geography 7D2 rn
Geography 7D3 5iq26jx
Geography 7D4 3zfxgdk
Geography 7D5 dxxtqbs
Geography 7D6 6zkdiwv
History 7T1 feqjkfg
History 7T2 nvm3oly
History 7T3 deoem4o
History 7T4 morl33j
History 7T5 mfkv73u
History 7D1 xqmqsnq
History 7D2 pswvp6m
History 7D3 3e2l23b
History 7D4 aglkybg
History 7D5 35j5qa4
History 7D6 fnjjk3h
English 7T1
English 7T2
English 7T3 deoem4o
English 7T4 laktmtv
English 7T5 zko4cwv
English 7D1
English 7D2
English 7D3 qmdkhlt
English 7D4 3g3dljb
English 7D5 wn226yi
English 7D6 fhqxwco
Maths 7D1 dy44opm
Maths 7D2 jbjyf43
Maths 7D3 zcncnxs
Maths 7D4 n6njjms
Maths 7D5 mx3mbua
Maths 7D6 2sghqqf
Maths 7T1 6xjim6c
Maths 7T2 v4yxesq
Maths 7T3 wo2qjt6
Maths 7T4 as62xri
Maths 7T5 eww6aa6
Maths 7T6 wfvioqx
Science All classes
Drama & Music 7D1 flbjfkj
Drama & Music 7D2 2b25vtl
Drama & Music 7D3 whcbfwl
Drama & Music 7D4 qnkmw6n
Drama & Music 7D5 jiqmbt6
Drama & Music 7D6 sr5tl3s
Drama & Music 7T1 5fvpoga
Drama & Music 7T2 gofg6bw
Drama & Music 7T3 o7ycoys
Drama & Music 7T4 hxews4c
Drama & Music 7T5 Molvgbw
Humanities All classes
Design Technology & Food Technology All classes 7nn2ibi
PE All classes
Art All classes ps4nuzx
Computer Science
Spanish 3m6cqlr
French n/a
Modified Curriculum
Computer Science 7D1 d6zyggd
Computer Science 7D2 pequwpa
Computer Science7D3 luckx4z
Computer Science 7D4 4ybxeaj
Computer Science 7D5 nikdfas
Computer Science 7D6
Computer Science 7T1 pfel3rx
Computer Science 7T2
Computer Science 7T3 xixfvkn
Computer Science 7T4
Computer Science 7T5 5pt6xtx
Social Science 7D1 rjf5asr
Social Science 7D2 k7kibi2
Social Science 7D3 6muyfjz
Social Science 7D4 7au4gqf
Social Science 7D5 rufpkna
Social Science 7D6 4zsajpd
Social Science 7T1 i26vrct
Social Science 7T2 by6f6tg
Social Science 7T3 7mdlhuv
Social Science 7T4 6f3gj2o
Social Science 7T5 ey4wq22
Y7 EAL teaw7us
7D Deansgate zwjokry
7D Mosi qadit5g
7D Lowry 4yhadjy
7D Palace x6o2wce
7D Rylands myqfbvk
7D Whitworth 3wakyys
7T Bridgewater nx7p5i5
7T Gaskell yvwfqnn
7T Pankhurst w6ac7qr
7T Piccadilly wd2p2dn
7T Turing m3xpb4a
7T Victoria wfvioqx


How to see your work for the day:

When you log onto Google Classroom, you can select ‘Calendar’ at the top:

You will then have easy access to all of your work for the day, and for the week:

On each day, any work for periods 1,2 and 3 should be completed by the deadline of 3pm. For periods 4,5,6 all work should be completed by the deadline of 9pm (this allows you some flexibility).

On your calendar, you will know whether a lesson will be delivered ‘live’ via a Google Meet link because the Assignment title will be ‘LIVE’ and there will be a Google Meet link in the instructions.

If you have any questions, please ask them on your Form Group Google Classrooms. Your form tutors will be logging on each day and you will be able to interact via this.

How we will be informing parents/carers of pupils’ progress?

Teachers and support staff will be monitoring completion of work after each lesson and the next working day, we will be in touch via text or telephone call to update you.

We thank you for your continued support in ensuring all pupils continue to make progress under these challenging circumstances.

Additional Guidance : Accessing Google Classroom:

Google Classroom can be accessed by searching for ‘Google Classroom’ on a web browser and the pupils will be prompted to input their school username.
( and school password. All pupils should already know this information.

All subjects will be uploading lessons and work onto a Google Classroom for their subjects. There will be an individual Google Classroom for each subject and your child will need to access these. A reminder of the individual classroom codes can be found above.

Summer 2022 Exams ‘Advanced Information’ for Year 11 Pupils, Parents and Carers – Summer 2022 GCSE Exam Board Advanced Information – The Dean Trust

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