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Pupils will be set one lessons worth of work, via Google Classroom, for each day they are remote learning. This work can be found on the ‘Year Group information Google Classroom page  – the codes are as follows

Year 9 Remote Learning Codes:

Subject Code
Geography  9T1 tomnu2a
Geography  9T2 lfj3ky2
Geography  9T3 fnzntt6
Geography  9T4 rcf6ijg
Geography 9T5 bhzsd7r
Geography  9D1 now17z7
Geography 9D2 7bkagge
Geography 9D3 wt56dop
Geography  9D4 gdqebdt
Geography  9D5 irk7dy4
History 9T1 unwpfft
History  9T2 ujw5k3w
History  9T3 3rn6roy
History  9T4 bbg7eg7
History  9T5 hpxiv4f
History  9D1 bmx2gsl
History  9D2 myw2qbg
History  9D3 myf7lyi
History  9D4 3rn6roy
History  9D5 6s42i4d
English 9D1 d6wug5b
English 9D2
English 9D3
English 9D4 3tzv3xf
English 9D5 ly2k2f6
English 9T1
English 9T2 evqetwc
English 9T3
English 9T4 giqxnfu
English 9T5 yvv3myb
Maths 9D1 qhus74a
Maths 9D2 4h7g5fu
Maths 9D3 66spi55
Maths 9D4 TBC
Maths 9D5 ly2k2f6
Maths 9T1 artyan3
Maths 9T2 brotu2f
Maths 9T3 zhnh2vi
Maths 9T4 isr6ol3
Maths 9T5 gisbdrn
Science All classes y6cr5b5
Performing Arts 9D1 voicpy2
Performing Arts 9D2 z5gitoh
Performing Arts 9D3 jkqoi6f
Performing Arts 0D4 ztqesnp
Performing Arts 9D5 klemks4
Performing Arts 9T1 rz6l57f
Performing Arts 9T2 g4ymlsp
Performing Arts 9T3 ozp6zgn
Performing Arts 9T4 mb2ekxs
Performing Arts 9T5 wazgka7
Humanities All classes ehoh3yf
Design Technology & Food Technology All classes ixhjqxw
PE All classes 55zei7w
Art All classes c54wr75
Spanish All classes l3bvqvp
French 9D1/9T1 kac3x5j
Modified Curriculum lfnfyjq
Computer Science 8D1 mbp2x56
Computer Science 8D2 irhl5sx
Computer Science 8D3 7kifei5
Computer Science 8D4 2qaljke
Computer Science 8D5 zvq2aiz
Computer Science 8T1 l3xprsq
Computer Science 8T2 trhyeeq
Computer Science 8T3 x6khqzw
Computer Science 8T4 hs26o56
Computer Science 8T5 6ueo2j3
Social Science 8D1 xqdmlot
Social Science 8D2 hlv235q
Social Science 8D3 k5g6qiv
Social Science 8D4 yxh7zx7
Social Science 8D5 jnwsoni
Social Science 8T1 qpfgp2x
Social Science 8T2 6345usg
Social Science 8T3 x4jdnqn
Social Science 8T4 udut2cw
Social Science 8T5 yalnaeo
Y8 EAL 4p7y2gn


Year 9 Form Class Codes
9D Deansgate Mr Eyres yttvffo
9D Lowry Miss Henderson 5n22a2j
9D Palace Mr Hinton xl6gwhf
9D Rylands Miss Horsley exm7sug
9D Whitworth Miss Power pgednaq
9T Bridgewater Miss Pemberton t2j4mqm
9T Gaskell Miss Chancellor uo4ri43
9T Piccadilly Mrs Rakhtopol cc3slu5
9T Turing Mr Fogato n26ci4j
9T Victoria Dr Stewart t7w752o

For the rest of the day, you should complete all work set for that day. There will be five lessons of work for each day to complete.

Each lesson will either be a PowerPoint for you to watch, with tasks to complete and submit, OR a ‘live’ lesson for you to log onto via the link in the instructions.

How to see your work for the day:

When you log onto Google Classroom, you can select ‘Calendar’ at the top:

You will then have easy access to all of your work for the day, and for the week:

On each day, any work for periods 1,2 and 3 should be completed by the deadline of 3pm. For periods 4,5,6 all work should be completed by the deadline of 9pm (this allows you some flexibility).

On your calendar, you will know whether a lesson will be delivered ‘live’ via a Google Meet link because the Assignment title will be ‘LIVE’ and there will be a Google Meet link in the instructions.

If you have any questions, please ask them on your Form Group Google Classrooms. Your form tutors will be logging on each day and you will be able to interact via this.

How we will be informing parents/carers of pupils’ progress?

Teachers and support staff will be monitoring completion of work after each lesson and the next working day, we will be in touch via text or telephone call to update you.

We thank you for your continued support in ensuring all pupils continue to make progress under these challenging circumstances.

Additional Guidance : Accessing Google Classroom:

Google Classroom can be accessed by searching for ‘Google Classroom’ on a web browser and the pupils will be prompted to input their school username.
( and school password. All pupils should already know this information.

All subjects will be uploading lessons and work onto a Google Classroom for their subjects. There will be an individual Google Classroom for each subject and your child will need to access these. A reminder of the individual classroom codes can be found above.

Summer 2022 Exams ‘Advanced Information’ for Year 11 Pupils, Parents and Carers – Summer 2022 GCSE Exam Board Advanced Information – The Dean Trust

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