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11th October 2021

Dear Parent and Carers

Following a successful start to the new school year, where we are able to return to usual routines, it is important that we maintain our standards of uniform and appearance as per the Dean Trust requirements.

All parents and carers have access to the Parent Handbook (front page of our website) where the uniform and appearance regulations are found in section 2. They are also clearly displayed in pupil planners.

Although standards amongst many are really high, there are some pupils who have deviated from the uniform and appearance regulations as listed below. I am asking for your support that these can be addressed ready for the return to school after the half term break:

  • Skirts: grey, box pleated and on or below the knee.
  • Trousers: straight as per regulation, and not skinny fit.
  • Socks: under trousers: grey or black. Sports socks are not allowed. Grey knee length socks with skirts.
  • Black polishable shoes: No ankle boots or trainers (no ‘shoe/ trainer’ shoes allowed).
  • No jewellery: including ear studs, earrings and nose studs or any kind of bracelet or necklace. Confiscated if seen. No plasters covering jewellery.
  • Hair: no extreme hairstyles (e.g. no zero cuts or blade cuts / patterns) including colours other than natural.
  • Hair: longer than shoulder length:  tied back at all times behind the head (not on top) and must be natural in colour.
  • Black hair bands only, including black only hijab underscarves, and no coloured hair accessories.
  • Outdoor jackets or coats: plain and dark in colour. Hoodies and sports jackets will be confiscated and should not be worn to and from school.

For more details please refer to the Parent Handbook and Pupil Planner.

I would like to thank you in anticipation of your support.

Yours sincerely

Ms S Finlay


Summer 2022 Exams ‘Advanced Information’ for Year 11 Pupils, Parents and Carers – Summer 2022 GCSE Exam Board Advanced Information – The Dean Trust

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