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30th June 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Youth Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Education

You may recall that I wrote to you advising how as a school we are supporting our local community to reduce youth crime by continuing to educate our pupils about the risks and dangers involved.

On 2nd July, we will be working with GMP in their Knives Take Lives campaign. All Year 8 pupils will receive a lesson on knife crime supported by a local police officer. The purpose of this lesson will be to look at understanding some of the reasons why youths carry knives and the subsequent risks and consequences if they do.

Furthermore, the police will also be placing a sharps amnesty bin, which they will supervise, in the school reception area for 30 minutes before the start of the school day. This will allow any pupil, who may have a sharp item on their person, to safely disperse of in a secured environment. The police will not be following up with any pupils who use the bin; the purpose is not to criminalize our young people, but to offer them an anonymous safe space to reduce the number of sharp items on the streets of our community.

It is important that we work together as parents, educators and the police to support our children to make positive choices and to ensure that our community is as safe as it can be.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Lisa Hardman

Assistant Headteacher, Safeguarding Lead

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