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Welcome to Dean Trust Ardwick

Welcome to Dean Trust Ardwick, part of the Dean Trust. We are a local school for local children and we are delighted to serve the Ardwick community. The five years your child will spend at this school will provide some of the most exciting and challenging times that you and your son or daughter may ever face, and we hope that together we can make the experience memorable.

Our reputation as a Dean Trust school is continually growing as we establish ourselves in the heart of the local community. We pride ourselves on high standards in every aspect of school life, and we count on your support to help make your child’s journey with us a wonderful foundation for a successful and fulfilling future. Our school vision is that we believe ‘everyone can achieve their highest potential and ambition through daily personal and academic excellence’. It is the daily pursuit of excellence that we focus on, and our talented and dedicated staff will help your child achieve this. This means we pay attention to detail, because we believe that if we can get the small things right, it makes it easier to master the bigger challenges.

Your child will receive a first class education at this school, and will be supported right through their journey by their Form Tutor, teachers and our team of support staff. We like to work in an orderly and calm environment where your child can feel safe and develop confidence in forming excellent relationships with others. The curriculum your child will be following is stimulating and challenging. It will demand real commitment from your child, but with your help and their hard work we can guarantee real success at the end of their five years at Dean Trust Ardwick. We expect the highest standards of behaviour and a positive attitude to learning from all pupils; we also encourage personal responsibility and self-discipline. In addition, our expectations of attendance, uniform and appearance set the tone for all that we seek to achieve here, and your support in these areas is crucial if your child is to achieve their potential with us.

The adult world your child will enter will demand an increasing number of sophisticated skills from its workforce. Competition is increasingly tough in the employment market, which means that good qualifications are essential if your child is to fulfil their ambitions and be productive in society. It is our aim at school to equip your child with the relevant skills and knowledge to meet the challenges that will face them and the ambitions they will pursue.

We are a happy, innovative and inclusive school where we place pupils first and serve the community. With your support and commitment to the school, we can help your child fulfil our vision for him or her and enjoy the next five years working together in partnership.

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