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How we look can say a lot about who we are. We are proud to belong to Dean Trust Ardwick, and our appearance is a way of demonstrating pride in ourselves and pride in our school. Just as all staff are expected to follow a professional dress code, in the same way, all pupils are expected to follow their dress code. Wearing our uniform smartly and following school standards on appearance ensures that we are all working together and are proud to belong to our school; it also prepares pupils for the rigours of the world of work, where dress codes are likely to be applied.

There are plenty of ways pupils can express their individuality at school, however uniform and appearance is where we insist on a common identity for all, where fashion does not distract from the purpose of school and does not separate those ‘who have’ from those who don’t. You will find that all Dean Trust schools follow the same uniform and appearance standards. Please note our standards on uniform and appearance are not for negotiation and will not be compromised at any level.

BlazerBurgundy with the Dean Trust Ardwick badge
TrousersTailored plain black trousers
ShirtWhite button collar
TieSchool colours (clip on)
SocksPlain black or grey
ShoesPlain black, polishable and black soles
BlazerBurgundy with the Dean Trust Ardwick badge
Skirt / trousersPlain grey box pleated knee length / Tailored plain black trousers full length
ShirtWhite button collar
TieSchool colours (clip on)
SocksPlain grey knee length or black tights
ShoesPlain black, polished and black soles

Optional Jumper

Grey with the Dean Trust badge. Pupils may wear a school jumper but ONLY underneath, not as a replacement for the school blazer. They must be purchased through the website.

Physical Education Kit (Boys and Girls)

Compulsory items:

  1. Training top
  2. Shorts and/or Training pants
  3. ¼ Zip training jumper and/or Rain jacket
  4. Socks

Optional to purchase:

  1. Base layer top (to be worn underneath training top)

Prices vary dependent on size.

Please find more information in our Parent Handbook.

Summer 2022 Exams ‘Advanced Information’ for Year 11 Pupils, Parents and Carers – Summer 2022 GCSE Exam Board Advanced Information – The Dean Trust

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