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All pupils are placed in form groups on entry to school and are led by a Form Tutor. The Head of Year is in charge of the form groups in their year. Belonging to a form is an essential part of school life, and normally pupils stay in their form with the same form tutor for the five years they are at school.  We name the forms after famous buildings in Manchester.

Our Form Tutors provide excellent pastoral care for pupils in their form, and they are the ‘first port of call’ if a pupil needs help. They aim to build positive, caring and trusting relationships with their form members.

Form groups meet at the start of every day for 20 minutes.  The morning register is taken, and pupils follow a weekly Form Time programme which includes:

  • Housekeeping (planner, equipment, uniform checks, giving merits/achievement points for attendance, punctuality and Behaviour for Learning grades);
  • Literacy activities
  • Current affairs/discussion/pupil voice/quiz (on a cycle)
  • School assembly (one assembly per week)
  • Passport to Excellence (every Friday)

Form time is an opportunity for Form Tutors to set the ‘tone’ for the day, make sure that pupils are in the right frame of mind for work,  and ensure that all pupils are well prepared for a successful day of lessons. There are plenty of opportunities where pupils can work together as a form e.g. weekly attendance and ‘Behaviour for Learning’ competitions, assemblies, charity events, sports day, form council, discussions on current affairs.

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