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Dean Trust Ardwick’s core purpose is to empower all pupils to find their purpose and thrive as citizens of the world.

We aim to inspire our pupils to be ambitious and achieve their best in every aspect of school life. We prepare them for life in modern Britain by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to become successful adults in an increasingly demanding world, and lead enjoyable and fulfilling lives whilst making valuable contributions to society.

We believe that every single person can succeed, no matter what their background, circumstances or abilities are. All our talented staff are committed to our school’s vision and believe in providing the very best educational opportunities for the pupils of Dean Trust Ardwick.

Our core purpose drives the school’s vision which is to:

Provide pupils with a curriculum which exposes them to powerful knowledge, places them on an ambitious pathway and develops the character traits needed to seize the opportunities that exist.

This vision is enabled underpinned by the school’s culture and climate.


Our curriculum is the core of what we provide in school. It is the engine which drives pupils forward to become empowered with knowledge and skills.  please visit our curriculum page to read more.

Ambitious pathway

Placing pupils on an ‘ambitious pathway’ at Dean Trust Ardwick does not purely relate to Post-16 destinations; rather pupils at all stages of their education are enabled to achieve their highest potential and have the belief, grit and self-regulation to do so.  Practically, it means that pupils are held to account for high standards, are set aspirational targets, and are exposed to many opportunities outside of their everyday experience. Through this, we support our pupils to identify career aspirations and the positive difference they aim to make to the world by discovering their passions, interests, skills and strengths. A powerful vehicle to deliver this is our Careers education, information, advice and guidance programme which provides pupils with the knowledge of the local, national and global labour market needed. Pupils tangibly map out their onward journeys, thoroughly supported in their next step beyond secondary school into post-16 employment, education or training.

We have chosen three core characteristics that are a focus of  development within our pupils across all areas of school life.

After evaluating what character traits our pupils have not yet fully mastered but will need to develop in order to compete with their peers, we decided that our core characteristics are empathy, self-regulation and grit. These three traits will enable our pupils to thrive and flourish not only in school but beyond in the wider society.

Grit is developing a passion and the perseverance to get there.

Empathy is understanding others and their contexts as well as developing kindness.

Self-regulation is allowing the children to think about their reactions to situations.

The culture and climate we create will determine how far we meet our vision. The school’s culture derives from our habits we adopt which become our ‘norms’ . It is the personality of the school and what gives the schools its identity. We can think of it like the lettering that runs through a stick of rock! At Dean Trust Ardwick we strive for a culture which is characterised by the following four values we believe are most important for the success of our pupils and staff:

Belief in ourselves and our abilities, in each other and those things we believe are important to the school.

Trust in each other: amongst pupils, amongst staff and between pupils and staff. We achieve this by creating a culture where  people feel confident and safe to be honest and open.

Growth and the willingness to grow as individuals intellectually and emotionally, so we are able to face challenges  with positivity and determination and resilience. We want to grow together as a school so we can look back and see how we have developed and improved over time.

Recognition of accomplishments amongst all our pupils and staff. We aim for a culture where our school community is proud and confident to share regularly their achievements  whether academically through the wider curriculum, or personally work and  with each other, no matter how small. We believe this instils pride and confidence in oneself.

The climate we create impacts on the school culture. Consistency of clear routines and boundaries, positive relationships , and a calm and  orderly atmosphere  sets the conditions conducive to the high quality learning we want all pupils to engage in.

British Values

All Dean Trust schools pride themselves on traditional values. Our values form the basis of who we are, how we act, and determine our attitude to life. The values we hold precious at Dean Trust Ardwick help us gain our identity as a school and as individuals, and are the foundations for everything we do.

We are committed to applying British values in our daily lives by teaching pupils to respect and tolerate others’ beliefs, cultures and differences; respect the rule of law by doing what we know is right; by respecting individual liberty by learning to take responsibility for our actions and challenging bullying and prejudice; by exercising democracy, where we respect all views and can express our own views respectfully and confidently.

In addition to British values, we also teach pupils that respect, responsibility, commitment, diligence and equality are important values to own as a school and apply in our individual lives.

As part of our protocols, we have a number of over-arching aims and a mission that pervades all of our schools and academies as follows:

Our Mission

  • We always put ‘pupils first’
  • We follow Local Authority admissions criteria
  • We believe that local children should attend local schools and we are not selective
  • We are fully inclusive and welcome children from vulnerable groups e.g FSM, SEND, LAC etc
  • We continuously provide high quality professional development for all of our staff
  • We follow the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions and National Joint Council conditions of service
  • We work positively with trade unions and actively involve them in our decision making
  • We play our full role in behaviour partnerships/hard to place protocols
  • We always put collaboration before competition

Our Aims

  • To work in the areas of greatest challenge
  • To move all academies in the Trust to at least ‘Good’ using The Dean Trust school improvement offer from the centre (Teaching School)
  • To sustain improvements by developing character, values and beliefs alongside sound systems and processes
  • To ensure that all academies in our Trust adopt The Dean Trust model for success, high aspirations, high standards and continuous improvement throughout the organisation
  • To concentrate our operation within a 50-mile radius of the Central Hub to ensure that coverage of the academy group and lead times are manageable and focused
  • The Trust would have at the centre The Dean Trust Teaching School and high quality School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)
  • To have high quality academy/school governance at the heart of the process
  • To establish a strong centralised ‘back office’ support service for the academy group which is well resourced and funded to meet operational needs

Our Principles

The following principles underline everything we do:

  • A respect for all pupils and their parents.
  • A full commitment to professionalism.
  • A well ordered and caring school community.

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