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Dean Trust Ardwick is part of  The Dean Trust. The school is committed to the Trust’s aim of working in areas of greatest challenge and shares the belief that it is the educational right of the child to receive a comprehensive education committed to academic excellence – regardless of background or social standing.

Core Purpose

Our core purpose is the reason why we exist. It provides a  clear direction for the school and it helps us to identify where  we should focus our energies.

Dean Trust Ardwick’s core purpose is:

Empowering all pupils to find their purpose and thrive as citizens of the world.


Our mission describes our work in a visible and tangible way.  It translates our core purpose into everyday action.

Our mission is to bring our core purpose to life by:

Providing pupils with a curriculum which  exposes them to powerful knowledge,  places them on an ambitious pathway and  develops the character traits needed to seize  the opportunities that exist.

This is enabled and underpinned by our culture and climate.


We have identified four core values; belief, trust, growth and recognition.

Since the school’s inception, these values have come to the forefront and have started to become intrinsically  linked with how we run the school. Furthermore,  we believe that we have recruited individuals that are predisposed to share these values.



Culture Framework

Our Culture Framework provides further details on our values and ethos. It is a key document that communicates who we are, what we are about and what we value.

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