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Pupils are taught that behaviour is a choice. Learning to make the right choices is part of growing up and we expect that from time to time pupils will make mistakes in school. We aim to create a positive learning culture where pupils learn to take personal responsibility for their actions, and we believe pupils thrive with plenty of praise and we expect to be able to reward much more than sanction.

Code of Conduct

  • The Code of Conduct is an important guide for all pupils, and outlines our expectations and standards.
  • We expect every member of the school community to abide by the Code of Conduct and in so doing we can ensure that the school is a safe and happy place to be, where everyone is respected and where everyone can thrive.
  • It is a constant point of reference both inside and outside of the classroom,
  • It is found in the pupil planner and on every classroom wall.
  • It has been created by staff, pupils and parents,

Behaviour for Learning Grades

  • Pupils are awarded Behaviour for Learning (BFL) grades each lesson.
  • This allow pupils to have ownership of their behaviour.
  • These are consistently applied by teachers in all lessons.
  • There is an interform competition for pupils who receive BFL 1 grades each week in the form of a league.
  • There is also support for pupils who may receive a BFL 3 or BFL 4 grade and this is in-line with our staged behaviour system.


  • Pupils thrive on positive praise, encouragement and recognition.
  • The rewards system recognises pupils hard work, efforts and good citizenship.
  • Pupils in Years 7, 8 & 9 receive Merits and these can be spent in our merits shop.
  • Pupils in Years 10 & 11 receive Achievement Points and these are linked to Behaviour for Learning (BFL) grades and bring with them more bespoke rewards based on pupil voice for upper school.
  • Pupils can receive praise postcards, which are sent home by all teachers each week to pupils who deserve recognition for hard work, effort and contribution to the school community.
  • ‘Praise phone calls’ are made by staff to parents and carers.
  • Free breakfasts for each Year group are provided for pupils nominated as Star of the Week’ across all subjects.
  • Achievement assemblies each half term are held where pupils recognised receive certificates and prizes.
  • Forms with the most BFL 1sin each half term are rewarded with a range of in-school activities.
  • End of year trips are arranged for pupils who have attended and behaved well, and have worked consistently hard all year.

Staged Behaviour System

  • The staged behaviour system provides support for pupils to learn from their mistakes
  • This is consistently applied by staff in all areas and it is linked to Behaviour for Learning (BFL) grades
  • Each stage provides pupils with the opportunity to begin to make the right choices
  • Appropriate support is provided throughout and includes the early involvement of parents
  • There is a clear start and finish point to the staged behaviour system
  • There is involvement from teachers, leaders and governors at relevant stages
Consequence in lesson Consequence across school
Stage 1Informal discussion with class teacher Form Tutor warning sticker for 3 x BFL 3 across school
Stage 2Informal discussion with class teacherFT report (2 weeks) Parents contacted
Stage 330 min formal meeting with class teacherFT Report continues Parents contacted
Stage 445 min detention with Head of Faculty3 x Stage 4 across school HoY report & parents contacted
Stage 5aFormal Meeting with Head of Faculty & Class Teacher – planned exit until parent call3 x Stage 5a across school HoY report & parents meeting
Stage 5b1 day Internal suspension – parent meeting3 x Stage 5b across school HOY report & parents meeting Individual Behaviour Plan
Stage 6a1 day internal suspension – parent meeting with SLT3 x Stage 6a across school Pastoral Support Plan SLT Report
Stage 6b1 day internal suspension – SLT Panel3 x Stage 6b across school Pastoral Support Plan continues SLT report
Stage 7Governors Pupil Disciplinary Panel 1st warning Managed Move / Alternative Placement
Stage 8Governors Pupil Disciplinary Final warning Managed Move / Alternative Placement
Isolated incidents are at the discretion of the pastoral team

Should you require to contact school to discuss anything regarding your child, please do not hesitate to contact the year team for your child.  The names of the Head of Year and the Pastoral Support Manager for each year group are below.

YearHead of YearPastoral Support Manager
Year 7Mr BriddenMiss Norgate
Year 8Mrs RashfordMiss Abela
Year 9Mr SmithMr Vasi
Year 10Mr DiazMr Moxam
Year 11Mr ChetwynMiss Williamson
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