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Please find our careers education, advice and guidance policies at the below link:

Overview of our CEIAG Programme

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Careers LeadMiss S-J WhittingtonAssistant

Our CEIAG programme is founded within the vision of our School and the curriculum in that:

  • It has been developed with the aim of increasing social mobility.
  • It is relentlessly focused on breaking the link between a person’s background and where they get to in life.
  • It supports everyone’s right to fulfil their highest potential and ambition.

The CEIAG programme at Dean Trust Ardwick is therefore designed to:

  • contribute to strategies which secure excellent outcomes and raise pupils’ aspirations
  • provide a planned programme of impartial careers, education, information, advice and guidance for all learners across Years 7 to 11 supporting each stage of pupils’ personal and academic achievement
  • promote equality of opportunity, support inclusion, and challenge stereotyping
  • support pupils’ successful transition into the next phase of education and employment
  • ensure pupils are equipped with the knowledge and employability skills to succeed in life in modern Britain, including being able to manage their own careers, sustain employability, and achieve personal and economic well-being.
  • work alongside a wide network of external agencies, education providers and employers to ensure the most up to date, aspirational, inspirational and varied guidance is provided.
  • involve parents and carers

It is our aim that through a planned programme of activities (both integrated within and additional to our curriculum) that all pupils will:

  • develop strong character traits, employability and citizenship skills needed to seize the opportunities which exist
  • have a thorough knowledge of the world of work and all opportunities therein
  • be able to make informed choices about their pathways post-16 and beyond
  • be able to make a successful transition into life beyond Dean Trust Ardwick onto an appropriate ambitious pathway

Our CEIAG programme has been in continuous development at the school has grown year on year. We are continuously evaluating our programme, quality assuring and measuring its impact through a collecting a variety of qualitative and quantitive data:

  • Internal learning walks and curriculum reviews
  • Teacher evaluations of delivered sessions
  • External Compass evaluations with the Careers and Enterprise Company (against the Gatsby Benchmarks)
  • Parent/ carer and pupil evaluations of trips and events
  • Parent/carer and pupil evaluations of the learning offer
  • Employer/ Training provider / Guest’s feedback on events
  • Employer feedback on pupils’ performance
  • Post-16 provider feedback on applications
  • Termly governor’s report and committee meetings
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