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Careers LeadMiss S. WhittingtonAssistant Headteacher


As our school has grown, the CEIAG programme has been developing to meet all our pupils’ needs and, this year, we have launched our brand new programme which maintains and further builds on the information, advice, guidance and opportunities provided throughout previous years.

Aims of the programme:

The CEIAG programme at Dean Trust Ardwick is designed to:

  • contribute to strategies which secure excellent outcomes and raise pupils’ aspirations
  • provide a planned programme of impartial careers, education, information, advice and guidance for all learners across Years 7 to 11 supporting each stage of pupils’ personal and academic achievement
  • promote equality of opportunity, support inclusion, and challenge stereotyping
  • support pupils’ successful transition into the next phase of education and employment
  • ensure pupils are equipped with the knowledge and employability skills to succeed in life in modern Britain, including being able to manage their own careers, sustain employability, and achieve personal and economic well-being.
  • work alongside external agencies, education providers and employers to ensure the most up to date, aspirational, inspirational and varied guidance is provided.
  • involve parents and carers

It is our aim that through a planned programme of activities (both integrated within and additional to our curriculum) that all pupils will:

  • develop strong employability and citizenship skills
  • have a thorough knowledge of the world of work and opportunities therein
  • be able to make informed choices about their pathways post-16 and beyond
  • be able to make a successful transition into life beyond Dean Trust Ardwick

Overview of our CEIAG Programme:

Pupils are provided with a ‘Career Development Portfolio’ which they use to record key information, findings and insights from employer encounters, and track their own progress against the employability skills throughout the programme from Years 7 to (eventually) Year 11.

The programme is structured so that in each year of school, the pupils incrementally develop skills and knowledge. Learning Outcomes have been drawn from the CDI Framework as well as ensuring that our pupils receive provision based on their individual needs.

Year 7: Opening Eyes

Integrated within the curriculum, pupils are introduced to different career pathways and begin by reflecting on the employability skills and where they may have demonstrated these already within their school careers to date. The nature of our Passport to Excellence scheme, the demands of our curriculum,  the high standards and independence which we instil, our Literacy for Life strategies all continuously help develop these skills and therefore pupils learn to identify evidence and examples of where they have shown each skill.

Pupils then have digital literacy sessions which focus on how locate further information and start discerning between biased and non-biased advice. Encounters with employers during this year of study are mostly provided through ‘Live Brief’ video style tasks within the curriculum as well as various external visits to workplaces.

Year 8: Goal Setting:

The programme in Year 8 continues the development of employability skills and careers research but focusses more on explicitly using labour market information when planning a career and setting goals with step by step actions of how to achieve them. As in Year 7, encounters with employers during this year of study are mostly provided through ‘Live Brief’ video style tasks within the curriculum as well as various external visits to workplaces.

Year 9: Making Informed Choices:

From Year 9, pupils begin to have 1-1 careers guidance provided by a qualified careers advisor, ensuring that all pupils have had at least one in-depth careers interview by the end of Year 10. Within the first half term, CEIAG focusses on making informed choices about GCSE options and where studying a variety of qualifications could lead. During this process, identified pupils have a specific interview with a middle or senior leader to ensure that they are selecting the most suitable pathways for them to achieve success.

Employability skills work within this year, focusses on resilience, building confidence, public speaking and understanding of enterprise. Pupils are given the opportunities to participate in various workshops, visit FE and HE providers, workplaces and external careers fair events.

Year 10: Becoming an Ideal Candidate:

Our Year 10 programme focusses on ensuring pupils can make choices surrounding study at post-16 which are fully informed, especially by considering their end goal and ambition. Pupils engage in activities visiting FE providers and with employers around understanding and becoming skilled at all areas of an application process from writing a CV and application form, to psychometric testing and interview (face-to-face and other media).

 Year 11: Preparing for Transition:

Through Year 11, we ensure pupils are fully ready for their journeys beyond school and are mentored through the actual application process onto academic, vocational study, apprenticeship or work.

Working in partnership

We are committed to building lasting partnerships with post-16 providers and employers to support our CEIAG programme. Through partnership work we will be able to develop our pupils’ knowledge and skills ensuring that they are fully educated and equipped to make a continuing and lasting positive contribution to the local and wider community.  The school is already actively working with partners including the Manchester United Foundation, Manchester College, Aim Higher, the Enterprise Advisor Network, Career Connect and STEM Ambassadors.

If you would like to support the school and our pupils in any way, particularly if you feel you could offer support with any of the activities outlined in our ‘Activities Calendar’, please do not hesitate to contact We will be more than happy to receive your ideas and consider how we could work together to promote the best outcomes for our young people.

Useful Links, Advice and Documents for Pupils, Parents and Carers

 KEY DATE: Friday 15th March: Parent/Carer Careers Information Coffee Morning

During the 5 years of study at Dean Trust Ardwick, our pupils complete a career portfolio which keeps a record of the employability skills they build, career investigations they complete, interactions with careers advisors, the workplace and employers.

A copy of this portfolio can be viewed here:

All of our pupils have access to the ‘Start’ careers website which helps guide pupils in finding careers information advice and guidance. This website can be accessed using the following link: Start Profile

When choosing a career, it is always important to consider the current labour market. This means which industries and sectors are currently growing and are therefore likely to offer the most job opportunities in the future. You can access current labour market information below in order to support your own or your child’s choices:

There are also many other sources of information regarding careers on the internet including Manchester specific LMI , please see below:

Manchester Specific LMI
National Careers Service: A wealth of information on all careers
An interactive research tool:
The National Apprenticeship Service:
The Apprentice Academy:

Choices Post-16: A-Levels, Vocational qualifications, Training and Apprenticeships

Below is a presentation explaining the options students have Post-16, the choices they will be making and the key questions to consider when beginning to make these choices. It is important to note that a number of local colleges require students to res-it GCSEs in Maths and English Language if a grade 4 has not been achieved. Additionally, a number of local colleges offer the chance to do a package of 5 GCSEs in one year for students who did not gain the required grades first time around. This can be useful option for students who are ambitious to go on to A-Levels.

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