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At Dean trust Ardwick we firmly believe that if pupils are going to be successful in the modern world, they need the character development to be able to seize the opportunities available to them. Character is something that comes within; a set of values or traits that allow an individual to be the best version of themselves. There are many ways in which we develop individuals’ character from leadership roles to themes of the week.

Form Time Programme

The form time programme is currently designed to support pupils in their academic studies and by developing and nurture an individual’s character to thrive and be successful in modern Britain. Pupils’ cultural capital is developed further through the form time curriculum as they undertake reading of texts, carefully chosen to develop knowledge and understanding of differing contexts. Their thinking is challenged and pupils participate in mature discussions linked to their social, moral, cultural and spiritual development. Pupils spend this time forging strong relationships with their tutors and peers ensuring that they become a strong community of learners whom support each other along their learning journey.

Theme of the Week

At Dean Trust Ardwick we believe that individual growth and development is essential if pupils are to live full and active lives as young people and into adulthood. We are a school that is safe, inclusive and insightful and one way which we ensure this occurs is through our themes of the week. Our themes are designed to cover all areas of holistic development and allow our pupils to be fascinated by the world they live in. Each theme has a carefully planned assembly followed by a form time activity and reflection exercise. Our theme of the week programme allows our pupils to understand the world better and their place in it.

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