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Engaging pupils in leadership roles can equip them with the necessary skills, attributes and values needed to be highly successful within the competitive and highly demanding world we live in. Pupils at Dean Trust Ardwick are presented with a range of opportunities to be leaders and to develop these lifelong skills which will benefit them within their school community and beyond.

Various leaderships strands exist across whole aspect of school and all pupils are encouraged to apply for a position at the start of the school year from the following roles available:

Subject Leaders

Subject leaders play an important role within faculties at Dean Trust Ardwick. Through their passion for a subject, they assist leaders in successfully ensuring a love of learning is fostered and nurtured by all. They lead on:

  • The running of extra-curricular clubs
  • writing articles for the newsletter
  • update faculty screens and displays
  • assist with open days and major events
  • produce SMSC assemblies linked to topics studied.

It is important for pupils to consistently reflect and develop their leadership skills and so pupils are encourage to keep a journal of all that they have done and learnt along their journey.


We are proud to have a very successful Eco-committee at Dean Trust Ardwick who believe passionately about protecting and preserving their environment for current and future generations. Being part of the Eco-committee is a very popular role and one which is taken very seriously by all involved. As a result, our committee has won awards for their work on reducing single use plastics within the school, recycling and promoting their vision to all across the school.

Peer Mentors

In the modern world there are many complexities and obstacles to face. We understand the need for our young people to seek support from their own generational peers when needed in matters they might understand better than adults. The Peer Mentor team are invaluable at our school.  As leaders they help create and shape a culture of kindness and empathy, one of perseverance and positivity. They are fully trained in all areas of wellbeing including some who are mental health first aiders and they work long term with an individual to ensure that they are thriving.

Sports Leaders

The Sports Leaders at Dean Trust Ardwick play an active part in developing others to be fit and active citizens both within the school and the wider community. They have been transformative in the local community by coaching and leading young people particularly in grass roots football. Our sports leaders show qualities such as grit, are excellent communicators and demonstrate a passion for sports which makes them very inspiring and a great role model to others. Our sports leaders have been accepted onto the Greater Manchester Young Local Organising Committee and represent the city with other regional leaders.


In years 10 and 11, pupils have the opportunity to apply to be Senior Pupil Leader within the school community. They are the drivers of standards, expectations and aspiration within the pupil body by challenging everyone to be the best that they can be in line with the school vision.  As leaders, they represent their school in key events across the calendar and are role models for their younger peers within school. They develop their skills in diplomacy, teamwork, and confidence which in turn prepares them well for life in modern Britain. The prefects are headed up by the Head Boy, Head Girl and their deputies. These four senior pupils have established a myriad of ideas on how we can come together as a wider community and one such idea was hugely successful in the form of our Community Fête.

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