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How can I access my child’s work?

  • All work that is set at Dean Trust Ardwick is set using Google Classroom. There is a video on how to access this here:

How will I know what lessons my child has each day?

  • Within Google Classroom there is a calendar feature in the top left of the page. When you click on this it will show all of the upcoming deadlines that your child will need to meet.

What is required of my child during the school day whilst working from home?

  • Your child is expected to log on for their registration mark before 9:00 each morning. They would then be expected to complete the rest of the work set for that day. Each lesson will have a video to watch (live or pre-recorded) and activities to complete.

What happens if my child does not log on for their remote learning registration?

  • If your child does not log on for their remote learning you will receive a text message informing you of this and to ask for your support in helping them log on.

What happens if my child does not complete their work for remote learning?

  • You will receive a text message from the subject area that your child has not completed work for informing you that they have not completed tasks for that week.

Who can I speak to for support with IT?

  • If you have any IT issues please contact the school to speak with the HoY or PSM.

How can my child change their password?

  • You can email your child’s head of year for support with changing passwords.

How can I set my child up for success whilst working from home?

  • Set your child up in an appropriate space with a neutral background. If possible provide your child with headphones to help block out any other sounds, which can aid with concentration. Water can be drank during the lessons but all other food and drink must be consumed during breaktimes.
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