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In addition to the information on our careers programme above, additional resources and information specifically for parents and carers can be found below.

Parents and carers can contact our careers team with any questions or requests for meetings via the email address below:



Unifrog is an impartial careers platform which aims to bring all available careers information (including post-16 and 18 opportunities) into one user friendly place. Your child can use it to:

  • Research sectors and jobs within that sector including entry requirements, what the job entails, salary and labour market information.
  • Watch videos of employees and employers describing their work within different sectors and careers
  • Search for Post 16 and Post 18 opportunities including apprenticeships
  • Get links for online applications to Post-16, 18, training providers and apprenticeships
  • Watch PSHE development videos and those which outline advice on employability skills, practices in the work of work (like health and safety) and how to apply well for jobs and education
  • Complete online personality tests which can be similar to employer psychometric testing
  • Track post – 16 intended and actual destinations

All of our pupils have access to Unifrog via their own log in. Their username is their Dean Trust Ardwick email address and they will have set their own password. Go to: www.unifrog.org/sign-in to sign in.

Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) is a useful tool to help research future jobs in the local area, understand the skills needed for certain roles and the demand for future employment.

LMI is information about the world of work. It covers:

  • Descriptions of different careers jobs
  • Entry routes into careers and jobs
  • Pathways leading on from different jobs/careers
  • Average salaries
  • Skills and qualifications needed
  • What is the likely future demand in different geographical areas for this career/job

Why is Labour Market Information Important for you and your child?

The world of work is rapidly changing. New industries and careers are emerging and developing all the time. It is likely that the most important jobs of the future don’t yet exist. This means it vital to keep ongoing research and keep up to date with labour market information to be able to make appropriate and ambitious choices about your future.

How to get up to date Labour Market Information

We will keep uploading the latest labour market information published below. But you can also use the Careerometer tool beloiw:

There are also many other sources of information regarding careers on the internet, please see below:

National Careers Service: A wealth of information on all careersnationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk
Invest in Manchesterinvestinmanchester.com
An interactive research toolsacu-student.com/gmh
The National Apprenticeship Servicewww.gov.uk/topic/further-education-skills/apprenticeships
The Apprentice Academytheapprenticeacademy.co.uk/
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