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How to request a device for your child

Dean Trust Ardwick is working hard to ensure that all of our pupils have a suitable device and internet access to complete their remote learning on Google Classroom. Please read the information below to see whether you qualify to request a device and how to do so.

A suitable device is:

  • A laptop computer or similar device like a ChromeBook
  • A desktop computer

What is not a suitable device:

  • A Smartphone like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy
  • The majority of work can be completed on an iPad or similar tablet, although producing long pieces of written work on this kind of device can be extremely difficult. We therefore recommend that Year 10 or Year 11 pupils request a device if they only have access to a tablet.

Acceptable reasons for requesting a device:

  1. Your child only has access to a device which is not suitable (a Smartphone)
  2. Your child is having to share a suitable device with a sibling or other member of the household
  3. Your child is in Year 10 or Year 11 and only has access to a tablet or Smartphone
  4. Your child does not have access to an effective internet a connection
  5. Your child did have access to a suitable device but it is now broken

How to request a device:

If any of the following apply to you, then you must send an email to the Head of the Year group of the child you are requesting the device for.

In the email, you should include:

  • The child’s full name
  • The reason for requesting a device

Once this email has been sent, it will trigger our system for ordering and preparing device should your child qualify.

We ask that you are patient in receiving further communication as we are experiencing some delays in the delivery of devices to school.

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