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Reopening of Dean Trust Ardwick in September 2020

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17th July 2020

Dear Parent and Carer,

Following my message on last week’s newsletter, I should like to share with you information about your child’s return to school in September.

We find ourselves in a unique situation regarding the further growth in pupil numbers whilst still awaiting the completion of the extension. With these limitations we have carefully considered how we can provide a safe return to school for all pupils and staff whilst adhering to government guidance.

We wish to guarantee minimum risk to our school community. We have had to consider the current overcrowding within the school building and the constraints this puts upon us until the extension is complete. We also need to take into account the vulnerability of some staff and pupils, and social distancing measures in accordance with government guidelines. As such, we therefore plan to open fully but with one year group (a different year group each day), working remotely from home each day.

We see this as a short term measure and will review the situation at half term unless there are further changes required from the government.

This means there will be some changes to the structure of the school day in order to accommodate pupils in school in a way that best minimises the risk of infection and in keeping within government guidance.  The revised structure will still enable us to teach a broad and balanced curriculum and follow the normal timetable.

The main changes are:

  • Attendance to school will be mandatory for all pupils.
  • There will be 2 staff inset days: Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September for staff induction.
  • Pupils will be required to attend an induction at an allocated time on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September (see table 1 below).

Table 1: Induction

  • Lessons will start on Monday 7th September.
  • Pupils will be in school 4 days a week and will do remote learning at home 1 day each week.  (See table 2 below).

Table 2:  Remote Learning Day

  • There will be a new remote learning policy in place which will ensure pupil engagement.
  • Pupils will be grouped in year ‘bubbles’ and will work in dedicated zones to avoid contact with other year groups.
  • There will be staggered start and finish times and staggered breaks to ensure pupils stay within their year group bubbles. (See tables 3 and 4 below).

Table 3: Whole School Week

Table 4: 2020-21 Half Term 1 School Day

  • Pupils who have free school meals will be provided with a packed lunch (more details will follow in September).
  • Parents will not be allowed to wait at the front entrance of school and must only come into school if an appointment has been made.
  • Uniform and appearance regulations will apply (see parent handbook and other website information).
  • Pupils should come to school with their school bag and equipment (except Year 7) and only essential items.  Pupils need to bring as little to school as possible including unnecessary outdoor wear.

Please find on our website the power point presentation about reopening. We shall also place the updated Risk Assessment on the website before the start of term.

If you have any concerns or queries about the arrangements please contact school during the last week of the summer term (24th- 28th August 2020) and we shall be happy to discuss them with you.

In the meantime, I wish you and your families a safe and healthy summer and we look forward to seeing all pupils in the new term.

Yours sincerely,

Ms S. Finlay


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