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2020 Outcomes

The final outcomes for the 2020 leavers cohort are summarised below:

The table below summarises the average point score (where each grade is worth 1.0 points e.g. grade 4 = 4.0 points) for the EBACC subjects in comparison to national averages 2019.

Notable headlines include:

P8 figure (0.5) and Attainment 8 (48.02) are the highest and second highest respectively across the Dean Trust. These figures suggest that our pupils make above expected progress (by half a grade on average) and achieve consistently well across the curriculum.

  • The % of pupils achieving grades 9-7 within the Basics, in English, and especially Maths, is high in comparison across the Dean Trust.
  • The % of pupils achieving 9-4 within the Basics is 10% higher than Manchester Average 2019.
  • The % of pupils achieving 9-5 within the Basics is 11.4% higher than Manchester Average 2019 and 5% higher than National Average 2019.
  • All attainment figures in English are the highest or second highest across the Dean Trust.
  • The % of pupils achieving grades 9-7 in Maths is the highest across the Dean Trust.
  • 8% of the cohort entered for EBACC. This was high in comparison to the national average 2019 of 40.0%. Achieving the highest % standard and strong pass within the Dean Trust suggests that our pupils consistently achieve well across the curriculum. This is supported by relative parity across the APS for each EBACC element.

Outcomes for Groups of Pupils:

Progress 8 gaps are negligible or positive for all groups with the exception of LAC/NLAC, SEND/NSEND and PP however all Progress 8 figures for these groups are favourable against national averages and attainment is higher.

Destination Data:

99.2% of the 2020 leavers cohort are in Education, Employment and Training (January 2021) and 0.8% are unavailable for the labour market.

Our Open Evening will take place on 30th September 2021, 3.30pm-6.30pm. Please come along to see what we have on offer for your child. We would also like to invite all of our current Year 7 pupils who may not have had a chance to visit our school last year.

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