Please find below the communications relevant to our school closure due to the incident which occurred on Thursday 4th January. Communications are listed chronologically, with the most recent communications appearing at the top of the screen.

Monday 5th February 2024

Presentation from Mr Worthington at the Coffee Morning

Parent Coffee Morning – Fire Reopening WEBSITE

Monday 29th January 2024

Announcement to reopen the school to individual year groups

Year 7

Year 7 Letter- 29.1.24


Year 7 letter-Arabic Year 7 letter-Bengali Year 7 letter-Chinese Year 7 letter-Dari Year 7 letter-French Year 7 letter-Italian Year 7 letter-Persian Year 7 letter-Somali Year 7 letter-Spanish Year 7 letter-Turkish Year 7 letter-Urdu

Year 8

Year 8 Letter- 29.1.24 


Year 8 letter-Arabic.docx Year 8 letter-Bengali Year 8 letter-Chinese.docx Year 8 letter-Dari Year 8 letter-French.docx Year 8 letter-Italian.docx Year 8 letter-Persian Year 8 letter-Somali Year 8 letter-Spanish Year 8 letter-Turkish.docx Year 8 letter-Urdu

Year 9

Year 9 Letter- 29.1.24


Year 9 letter- Arabic Year 9 letter- Bengali Year 9 letter- Chinese Year 9 letter- Dari Year 9 letter- French Year 9 letter- Italian Year 9 letter- Kurdish Year 9 letter- Somali Year 9 letter- Spanish Year 9 letter- Turkish Year 9 letter- Urdu Year 9 letter-Persian

Year 10

Year 10 Letter- 29.1.24


Year 10 letter- Spanish Year 10 letter- Tigrinya Year 10 letter- Turkish Year 10 letter- Urdu Year 10 letter-Arabic Year 10 letter-Bengali Year 10 letter-Cantonese Year 10 letter-Dari Year 10 letter-French Year 10 letter-Hindi Year 10 letter-Italian Year 10 letter-Kurdish Year 10 letter-Persian Year 10 letter-Somali

Wednesday 24th January 2024

Phase 2- Gradual Reopening of Dean Trust Ardwick

We are delighted to announce that we are progressing to Phase 2 of our gradual reopening, commencing the week of January 29, 2024

Parental Letter- 24.1.24


Parental letter Bengali Parental letter Cantonese Parental letter Chinese Parental letter Dari Parental letter French Parental letter Hindi Parental letter Italian Parental letter Kurdish Parental letter Persian Parental letter Somali Parental letter Spanish Parental letter Tigrinya Parental letter Turkish Parental letter Urdu Parental letter Arabi

Tuesday 23rd January 2024

FAQs collated from the questions posed at Coffee Morning

Following on from the Coffee Morning events we held at 422, we have created a FAQ list which we hope answers any questions you may have.

Parental FAQ’s



Parental FAQ Arabic Parental FAQ Bengali Parental FAQ Cantonese Parental FAQ Chinese Parental FAQ Dari Parental FAQ French Parental FAQ Hindi Parental FAQ Italian Parental FAQ Kurdish Parental FAQ Pashto Parental FAQ Persian Parental FAQ Somali Parental FAQ Spanish Parental FAQ Tigrinya Parental FAQ Turkish Parental FAQ Urdu

Monday 22nd January 2024

School plans & risk assessment for re-opening following fire incident.

The School plans & risk assessment outlines the strategies implemented to negate the challenges posed by the January fire incident and the evolving strategy for continued phased reopening.

Dean Trust Ardwick Risk Assessment Plan January 24



DTA Re-Opening Plans-Dari DTA Re-Opening Plans-Cantonese DTA Re-Opening Plans-Chinese DTA Re-Opening Plans-Arabic DTA Re-Opening Plans-French DTA Re-Opening Plans-Italian DTA Re-Opening Plans-Somali DTA Re-Opening Plans-Spanish DTA Re-Opening Plans-Bengali DTA Re-Opening Plans-Persian DTA Re-Opening Plans-Kurdish DTA Re-Opening Plans-Hindi

Thursday 18th January 2024

Update regarding Year 11 Parents Evening

We are writing to inform you about changes to the events calendar for Year 11 pupils, in light of the recent fire incident at school.

Year 11 Letter to Parents- Change of Calendared Events 17-01-2024


Y11 Parents Evening Urdu Y11 Parents Evening Turkish Y11 Parents Evening Tigrinya Y11 Parents Evening Spanish Y11 Parents Evening Somali Y11 Parents Evening Persian Y11 Parents Evening Italian Y11 Parents Evening Pashto Y11 Parents Evening Hindi Y11 Parents Evening Kurdish Y11 Parents Evening French Y11 Parents Evening Dari Y11 Parents Evening Bengali Y11 Parents Evening Arabic Y11 Parents Evening Chinese Y11 Parents Evening Cantonese

Monday 15th January 2024
Update regarding Coffee Morning

As our commitment to keeping you informed, we invite you to a Coffee Morning with the Headteacher. The event aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the recent fire incident, its management challenges, and our ongoing efforts for a full reopening. The Coffee Morning will be held at 422 Community Hub on Stockport Road, with two sessions at 10:30 am and 4:30 pm. Please note that space is limited, and attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Coffee Morning Letter


Coffee Morning -Persian Coffee Morning -Pashto Coffee Morning -Kurdish Coffee Morning -Italian Coffee Morning -Hindi Coffee Morning -French Coffee Morning -Dari Coffee Morning -Chinese Coffee Morning -Bangla Coffee Morning -Arabic Coffee Morning – Cantonese Coffee Morning -Urdu Coffee Morning -Turkish Coffee Morning -Tigrinya Coffee Morning -Spanish Coffee Morning -Somali

Friday 12th January 2024
Update regarding partial reopening to Year 11.

We are please to inform you that we will be partially re-opening to Year 11 pupils on Monday 15th January.

Yr 11 letter to parents- reopening (002)

Friday 12th January 2024
Update to Year 7-10 pupils regarding remote learning and continued external and remote provision.

Remote learning will continue to be set for all pupils via their Google Classrooms, with pupils able to visit the 422 Community Hub should they be unable to access work. We are though pleased to inform you that we will be partially re-opening to Year 11 pupils only on Monday 15th January. Free School Meal vouchers will be distributed.

Letter to Parents 12th January


Parents’letter Cantonese Parents’letter Arabic Parents’letter Chinese Parents’letter Dari Parents’letter French Parents’letter Hindi Parents’ letter Bengali Parents’letter Italian Parents’letter Kurdish Parents’letter Malayalam Parents’letter Pashto Parents’letter Persian Parents’letter Somali Parents’letter Spanish Prents’letter Tigrinya Parents’ letter Turkish Parents’letter Urdu

Friday 12th January 2024

Please see letter attached detailing the plan for a partial re-open for Year 11 attached.

Letter to Y11 parents


Turkish Y11 Letter Spanish Y11 Letter Pashto Y11 Letter Hindi Y11 Letter French Y11 Letter Dari Y11 Letter Chinese Y11 Letter Cantonese Y11 Letter Urdu- Y11 letter Arabic Y11 letter Bengali Y11 letter Somali-Y11 letter

Wednesday 10th January 2024
Update regarding morning registration and ‘DTA Community Drop-in’.

Pupils will now be registering via their Form Google Classroom each morning. Pastoral teams will continue to contact those without access to devices and the ‘DTA Community Drop-in’ will continue at 422 Manchester, between 11am and 2pm.

Letter to Parents – 10th January


Arabic 10th Jan Bengali 10th Jan Chinese Jan 10th Cantonese Jan 10th Dari 10th Jan French 10th Jan Hindi 10th Jan Italian 10th Jan Kurdish 10th Jan Malayalam 10th Jan Pashto 10th Jan Persian 10th Jan Somali 10th Jan Tigrinya 10th Jan Turkish 10th Jan Urdu 10th Jan

Tuesday 9th January 2024

Update for parents regarding remote learning, communications and the ‘DTA Community Drop-in’.

Remote Learning is accessible for pupils via their Google Classrooms. Communication will continue via MYCAS App and school website, but a ‘DTA Community Drop-In’ will occur between 11am and 3pm at 422 Manchester, located on Stockport Road.

Letter to Parents – 9th Jan 24


Urdu Turkish Tigrinya Spanish Somali Persian Pashto Malayalam Kurdish Italian Hindi French Dari Chinese Cantonese

Monday 8th January 2024

Update to Year 11 pupils and parents following the incident on Thursday 4th January.

Following the incident on Thursday, 4th January, the school remains closed to all pupils. Remote Leaning will be provided to support pupils to prepare for their mock exams, beginning Monday 29th January. The Child Development exam has been cancelled. Further communication will be provided via the school website, MYCAS app and Google Classrooms.

Year 11 Online Learning Mock Exams and supporting information 


Arabic-Y11 Somali -Y11 Urdu Y11 Persian Y11

Monday 8th January 2024

Update to parents following the incident on Thursday 4th January.

Following the incident on Thursday 4th January, the school remains closed to all pupils. Pupils will be provided with remote learning by their teachers and further updates will be published via the website, with communication continuing via the MYCAS app.

Letter to parents – 8th Jan 2024


Bengali 2024 Cantonese 2024 Arabic 2024 Chinese 2024 Dari 2024 Hindi 2024 Italian 2024 Kurdish 2024 Malayalam 2024 Pashto 2024 Persian 2024 Somali-2024 Spanish 2024 Swahiili -24 Tigrinya – 24 Turkish – 24 Urdu-2024 French 2024

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