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Homework is an essential part of pupils’ learning, it is carefully planned and it is built into the curriculum. At Dean Trust Ardwick homework aims to:

  • Develop good learning habits.
  • Engage learners in retrieval practice.
  • Deepen thinking.
  • Provide opportunities to formatively assess pupils’ knowledge and understanding.
  • Develop and maintain high academic standards.

Homework is as shown on the pupils’ Learning Plans in all subjects and you can find these in your child’s books.

Homework is used to consolidate learning, prepare for the next lesson, or research topics to encourage independent learning.

The school provides excellent study facilities for pupils in the Library and ICT rooms, where they can do their homework before, after school and at lunchtimes.

Failure to complete homework may result in a Saturday School detention but with your support in checking daily that they are completing homework, this consequence should not arise.

Guidance on duration of homework

  • 1 hour per week for English, Maths, Science
  • 40 mins for Spanish, History and Geography
  • 30 mins for Art, Technology, Food, Computer Science, RE, PSHCE, Music and Drama
  • Reading at home 3x per week

Handing work in

  • Core subjects, Spanish, History and Geography: submit next lesson.
  • All other subjects: consider content to allow for books to be handed in and marked alternate weeks e.g. research / presentation preparation/ learning for test.

Other notes

  • To be completed in classwork books. Title ‘Homework’. Books to go home.
  • Weekly homework as per Learning Plan.
  • Break down projects into weekly sections on Learning Plan to provide structure to the project.
  • All homework recorded in planner.
  • All homework to be marked and returned promptly.

Homework Timetable

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